Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • kavika411
    Apr 28, 12:39 PM
    I appreciate all of your nice comments. But again, aside from power loss, my family and I are fine.

    Let's keep an eye out for CorvusCamenarum, though. I'm genuinely concerned about anyone who was logged into macrumors (in other words, sitting at their computer) in Tuscaloosa at 5:00 yesterday and not in a basement or shelter.

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 12, 08:49 PM
    Hye guy if you are a registered student and go to anywell known school you get a discount on ipods year round as well as any other apple product.

    That was the whole point of the initial complaint. I actually came to the defense of forum member who was complaining about no student discounts and someone told them to "get a grip" for expecting a student discount.

    If you log into an Apple edu site you will notice that there is no edu discount on any of the new models of iPods. It seem to me that Apple wouldn't want to alienate a market as important to iPods as students but I guess I was wrong. Cool isn't cool if the MTV crowd doesn't rubber stamp it.

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  • MacNut
    Sep 12, 04:42 PM
    The graphics aren't that bad aside from the grey scroll bars. I do miss the equalizer button tho.

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  • cocky jeremy
    Nov 2, 11:24 PM
    Who cares about Flash? It's a bloated, poorly written POS and i'd rather not have it. EVER. Hell, i turn it off on my Mac with ClickToFlash and just use H.264 unless Flash is the ONLY option. I wish Flash would just hurry up and die!

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 22, 01:26 PM
    Has anyone beat it on legendary? Is there a different ending?
    I haven't finished my Legendary run yet, but I've talked with people who have, and as of right now, there is no extra ending for Legendary. There are a bunch of hidden items in the game (Data Pads, Gold Ranger Elites, Switches, etc), and people are thinking that completing some, or all of these things, in conjunction with Legendary difficulty, might yield a different ending. We'll have to wait and see. It just wouldn't be a Halo game without a special ending. And, given this is Bungie's last Halo, it would be really strange if they didn't include one.

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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 6, 08:52 AM
    hmmm..... may pick up one of the large ones.

    wanna play with one at an apple store first though. also see if i can upgrade the graphics card. or see if the one included is good enough for photography and gaming.

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  • silentnite
    Mar 12, 07:50 AM
    If I start taking 1 dollar bets today that it won't happen tomorrow I could probably have enough money to buy one when it does. However, Since I remain optimistic I won't. :D

    I've come close 2 times to selling my Apple gift card. 3 Strikes & I'm out.

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  • sammoj
    Jan 11, 04:28 PM
    Your all missing this one....

    The new Apple Board Member is from Avon Cosmetics.

    I give you....

    iFume....the new fragrance for men and women :rolleyes:


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  • skunk
    Mar 29, 04:54 PM
    And to look at it in a slightly different way ...

    Would it have helped the United States to have some country intervene and determine the outcome in our civil war?Best ask the French. They have form.

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  • dernhelm
    Jul 23, 01:27 PM
    didn't people read about it having a bigger screen?
    Sure we did. Will it be as big as a paperback?

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  • BlueRevolution
    Mar 18, 02:18 PM
    Rofl. Yeah right, reality distortion field...

    Still there. They just cranked it up so that it covers all of us. ;)

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  • fertilized-egg
    Apr 2, 09:35 PM
    Mp Myth. Is that the same as Steve's old favorite, The megahertz myth:D

    Sorry, I just thought that would be funny.

    MP is really a myth. The single biggest factor for the image quality of a sensor is the sensor size. Assuming image processing and sensor technology are roughly of the same generation, a large 4 megapixel sensor will beat the crap out of a phone camera with 8 megapixel sensor except resolution testing under good lighting. And most people just don't need that much resolution.

    The Nokia N8 was an exception because they went for a huge(relatively speaking) sensor that was as large as the top of the line P&S like the Canon G series cameras. However with the physics involved you have to pay the price through the added thickness. I highly doubt anyone other than Nokia will take a gamble like that.

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  • DaveGee
    Jul 23, 10:16 AM

    Anyone else remember iBrary? A rumor circa 2002 if I remember... Check out the screen shot (luckily I founded still floating around thanks to google).


    Link to 2002 MOSR discussion (

    It works by browsing a local book repository, a public Internet library, or a global Internet library (dunno which repository) for books or periodicals. It presently uses a format (.ibook) that is a sort of hybrid between eBooks and (it seems that Harry Potter is available in this format). You can listen to the recording of the book as you read, since iBrary syncs the book's text with the recording.

    I am also told that it utilizes dramatically improved text-to-speech, which suggests that may be a built-in feature of an upcoming OS update. This allows books which don't have soundtracks to be read by the computer, in any of 4 (currently) voices: Storytime, Narrator, Novella, and Anchorman. The synthesis quality is outstanding, seemingly able to handle emotion quite well.

    Services are also available which allow you to lookup words in a dictionary or thesaurus, which may have a connection to Sherlock, or be handled within the app. When you click on the curled page corners there is an (OpenGL powered?) animation of the page flipping.


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  • Designer Dale
    Mar 4, 04:34 PM
    //edit// re: That Cool Surfing Shot (srf4real)
    what lens are you using for these? pretty damn sharp and I assume your a fair distance from the shore!

    Here is the EXIF data from the photo.

    EXIF Summary: 1/3000s f/4.0 ISO160 200mm (35mm eq:401mm)

    Camera-Specific Properties:

    Equipment Make: OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP.
    Camera Model: E-5

    Edit: They make some nice lenses for that camera. Nice to see something that didn't turn out to be Nikon of Canon.


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  • djgamble
    Mar 18, 05:29 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-gb) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Apple could probably produce a 500gb classic without much of a price difference. Anybody tried upgrading one or putting an HD in a touch?

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  • elgrego
    May 5, 11:38 PM
    I'd be happy if they supported over-the-air WiFi syncing. We can update the OS OTA but not sync my contacts and calendar items? Sheesh.

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  • milo
    Sep 6, 10:28 AM
    Well, lets see where would they put it? Between Mac Mini and iMac.... you know in that $200 difference. Or maybe between iMac and Pro Mac.... in that what $300 difference. It seems like the Mac Mini bump and iMac expansion have left no room in the line-up for another Mac. Even with conroes... all speeds, sizes, prices are covered. There isn't room for a Conroe Mac. Period.

    The iMac isn't a headless mac, so it's not even in the equation. It would go in between the mini and Pro, and fall in the same price range as the iMacs. It's a different product category, might as well say they shouldn't have the iMac since there are already laptops in that price range.

    It makes no sense for apple to ignore Conroe, it's intel's best bang for buck right now.

    At this point I'm thinking that most updates of current machines will happen before tuesday, maybe the Showtime thing will be when they finally announce a midtower (probably pizza box form factor). Works as a settop box, or any mac can stream to the new Airport video.

    And those waiting for MBPs........Start Crying :D :D :D

    Nonsense. I still think there's a good chance we see them before tuesday, if not, definitely in the next two weeks.

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  • anti-microsoft
    Jan 11, 02:45 PM
    How Exciting!! Can't wait!!:):):)

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  • Sydde
    Mar 30, 04:15 PM
    Our country's cycle of support>arm>aid>turn against>support new group needs to stop, as it is directly responsible for much of the instability we've seen in the world over the last 20+ years.

    American foreign policy has indeed come up quite short in the foresight department. However, Khadahphee (or however it gets spelt) rose to power with no real assistance from other countries and has only been supported indirectly, through people buying oil. The only support Libya gets from the US is indirect, from irresponsible excess in oil consumption that keeps the prices up for everyone.

    Aug 18, 12:35 PM
    And apparently now they admit that it was bull-****.


    Busted. Boy do I hate to be those guys. :rolleyes:

    Aug 24, 03:43 PM
    I sincerely hope everyone else is having a much better experience than I/

    - Quil

    Heya Quilentro:

    Sorry to hear about your experience. No company is perfect and every one screws up sometime or other. In my years of experience with Apple, they seem to screw up a whole lot less than any other computer maker I've ever dealt with. For instance, I had to sue a certain Texas company to get them to honor their warranty. Never had to do that with Apple. :)

    B.G., waiting for the support site to right itself so he can get a new battery for the 12" PB.

    Nov 3, 07:50 AM

    Apple does not care to support flash on their devices because it is horribly inefficient and has been holding back progression of the internet for over a decade. Instead of using much more efficient open standards that the world wide web is founded upon, companies like Adobe and Microsoft are more interested in locking you into their inferior technologies in order to maintain revenue! Until Flash dies Apple will continue to support the progression of the internet using approved standards!


    Drinking from the Apple koolaid again, huh?

    Perhaps if you pulled your head out of SJ's bum long enough to look around, you'd notice the vast majority of iPhone users are being punished in Apple's attempt to mold the internet in it's own image.

    A large number of websites use flash in their design, and are completely inaccessible without flash support. Inefficient or not, that's fact, and we're the losers here.

    Mar 21, 08:21 PM
    Great story...

    Is that Apple said Yes in Comic Sans MS? :eek:

    Manic Mouse
    Nov 7, 06:23 AM
    Would this be out of the question for the two MBs?

    1.83Ghz 2.0Ghz C2D
    512Mb 1Gb RAM
    60Gb 80Gb HDD
    GMA950 X1400

    At least the option for a dedicated GPU would be awesome, and since the MBP's would have faster CPUs and significantly faster GPUs I don't see how it would make that much of a difference... Light gaming is NOT "Pro" usage, no matter what Apple would try to tell us.

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