Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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miss you brother quotes. “Remember friends as you pass
  • “Remember friends as you pass

  • Mac Fly (film)
    Jul 22, 10:52 PM
    ..ok I will!

    miss you brother quotes. Wishing you a nice weekend Ben
  • Wishing you a nice weekend Ben

  • Fab_Fab
    Aug 3, 06:40 PM
    my thoughts about the Banner: There are no new products on this banner (ok, the DVD) only products wich we already know.

    Power Mac/ Mac Pro
    Macbook /(Pro)
    iPod Nano

    thats all i can see. so you will see, that there is no "normal" iPod on the picture. Why the hell ist that? Are they going to release a new one?
    I realy don't belive in this, but it seems strange to me, that theree are all hardware products on the banner with only the iPod missing......

    miss you brother quotes. Miss you man, see you soon.
  • Miss you man, see you soon.

  • HMFIC03
    Mar 28, 01:10 PM
    Man, Apple keeps getting lower and lower. First Walmart, now this?

    The closest apple store to my town (population 48k) is over a hour away - we have two radio shacks. How is this low? an elitist much? This is great! - Ipad 2's are the same price everywhere, except AAFES where its $10 cheaper and tax free. - Now many people can save their hard earned money as gas approaches $4 a gallon under this administration. Besides some people have radio shack credit cards -and earn rewards. They may prefer to buy from there.

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  • Fotograffiti
    Aug 24, 01:52 PM
    My wife loved this announcement seeing as she has been complaining about the decreased battery life in our 12 inch PB lately.

    I for one salute Apple in its efforts to ensure a safe computing environment.

    And, my salute has NOTHING to do with the fact that my 18 month old and very used iBook battery currently only holds a 10 minutes charge.

    :) :) :)

    Crossing my fingers I have an unsafe battery...

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  • Miss You Sister Scraps

  • Gixxerguyk6
    May 4, 11:16 PM
    Are you kidding? Netflix destroyed it with streaming. Disney and Sony aren't even advertising for it anymore. The Blu Ray players are being sold dirt cheap at clearance sales because it's a dying/dead format.

    And I never liked it anyway, the 25 GB disc wasn't filled all the way because of the stupidly lossy compression, and it was expensive.

    Maybe, but up here in Canada we have to pay through the roof for bandwidth so Netflix is kind of lame. I don't think all the players are being sold that cheap there are just more companies making cheap ones for the masses. I personally like Blu Ray for the quality that Netflix can't offer.

    However, I could be wrong does Netflix deliver 1080P?

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  • I will miss you my Friend

  • ArchaicRevival
    Mar 28, 08:35 PM
    This news is sick! In just 12 hours? DAMN!

    I would buy the no new iPhone rumor because OS X Lion is gonna be a game changer from what I've been reading, so they will need to focus and give a 100% to Lion. However, that doesn't mean they won't preview iOS 5, for a fall release :)

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  • v66jack
    Mar 21, 01:33 PM
    Good to know some Apple execs have a sense of humor. Nice story.

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 11, 02:43 AM
    I only used Madoff as an example as to how 65 Billion could easily just get squandered and disappear. The Government crooks seem not to get caught as easily as him.

    As for flip flopping Canada and the US ... I think both countries are similar as to how our Governments waste money.

    IMO the answer to our countries sinking financially rests with reckless spending and the answer is not drastically cutting the big services like Military, Education, Healthcare and such.

    There is too much Government feeding at the trough on both sides of the border.

    Ok I don't mean any offense, but everything you're saying is completely anecdotal. You are suggesting that 1.4 trillion in wasteful spending is somehow hiding in the government budget, but you have absolutely zero proof to back this claim up. It's a little silly really.

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 04:11 PM
    Here's my guess as to how it will work based on how simple Apple likes to make things for the end user:

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  • DavidLeblond
    Sep 12, 02:07 PM
    Did Apple buy out whatever company made Cover Flow? If not, that's fairly shady of them. They didn't even bother to change the name.

    From Coverflow's website:

    "We are pleased to announce that all CoverFlow technology and intellectual property was recently sold to Apple. It has been incorporated into the latest version of iTunes."

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  • Darkroom
    Nov 4, 03:39 PM
    The only "Open" Media standard is Vorbis and FLAC.

    it was a rhetorical question is response to MacFly123 and Knightlie's arguments that apple only follows open standards, which still allow them to create a media rich website using only open standards, that QuickTime is not.

    on a lighter note: this is one of my fav flash sites ( as you can tell, it's built only with HTML, javascript and CSS :p

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  • Constable Odo
    Apr 17, 12:23 PM
    Yep, get the kiddies hooked on iDevices early. Apple everything, paint their rooms white and let the mind control begin :)

    My sentiments exactly. Get them while they're still in diapers, if possible. It worked to convert the Microsoft Wintard generation many years ago. Microsoft totally indoctrinated millions of unsuspecting consumers and turned them into Wintard drones. Now they're trapped by their own myopic vision of the future and refuse let go of the ancient Windows platform when a new order is upon them. That's why those friggin' brainwashed IT managers are nothing but Windows lapdogs and never want to let new technology into corporations. Thank heavens Apple is doing an end run around them by going above and below their narrow-minded Windows ways. I can't wait to see Microsoft's next earnings report reflecting Windows license sales tapering off. It's time for Microsux Windblows to get some post-PC era payback.

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  • djepsilon
    May 5, 11:37 AM
    I'm not sure why, but like many, I don't like 3D either. However, when the iPad can project a holographic touch.... ho..lo...gram? (Yes lets go with that)

    ...THEN I'll be interested! :cool:

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  • lostngone
    Mar 28, 11:57 PM
    It sure would suck if you need matching ID and company credentials to get your pass - like they do with CES. :rolleyes:

    From the FAQ:

    You will be required to present your passport or other government-issued photo identification before being admitted to WWDC. Please make sure you bring your identification with you, as you will not be admitted without it.


    Conference badges are not transferable. The full conference fee will be charged to replace a lost badge.

    When you register you get an activation code. I think any other Dev can use it because I purchased mine with my MobileMe account and then activated it with my ADC account. Those accounts are not linked as far as I know.

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  • pdqgp
    Apr 14, 10:56 PM
    So if you are going to be a pirate why bother buying a student version at all?

    I agree. Why buy it at all. No need. However, I wouldn't consider someone paying for a student version to be a pirate. There's a legitimate student paying money for the software. It's no business of anyone who ends up using it. The discount is offered to students, a student buys it, case closed.

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  • knightlie
    Nov 4, 07:26 AM
    Don't just blame Adobe...blame apple too. It's a code/OS issue. It's works perfectly on PCs.

    Ahh, the armchair programmers are out again. Exactly what is a "code/OS issue"?

    Apple is not responsible for Adobes crappy code. The fact that it "works perfectly" on PCs is completely irrelevant. I can write a program that works well on Windows and a program that works crappy on OSX - how is that Apples fault?

    Why is Apple blocking Flash? This is one for the FCC! Same reason that Microsoft used to block Netscape. Apple wants websites to use Apple software and not Flash. FAIL! It's a violation of free markets! Here comes a Netscape-Microsoft lawsuit in the Supreme Court, except this time with Flash-Apple.

    Actually, Apple wants websites to use open standards such as HTML, which is not Apples software. Flash is proprietary and is certainly not a free market. You should cut down on the caffeine.

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  • Gregintosh
    Apr 12, 11:59 AM
    If Apple manufactured their products in the US, the iPhone would probably cost $999 with a 2-year contract and the iPad would probably cost $1599 for the 16GB model.

    When you have to pay someone $12 an hour to work an assembly line and pay for benefits and payroll taxes, that raises costs a lot to a country where you can pay 75 cents per hour and benefits like health insurance cost $5 a month rather than $500.

    A 25-page document isn't necessary and the law would be dumb. All that it takes is for someone to take a basic economics course.

    Americans who complain about jobs leaving overseas need to realize that when they go shopping they need to put their money where their mouth is. Everyone pays lip service to "made in the usa" but when they look at the price tags in the store they buy made in china!

    The thing to watch here is if the quality improves when production is done in Brazil. If the production quality is the same or better, that's good news for consumers.

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  • vnowarita
    Mar 29, 07:02 PM
    We have seen significant improvements with every ios upgade. There is no doubt that 5 will do great things. I personally would like to see voice to text or voice to email. It would be nice to do when in a pinch for a quick response. Also back to the iPhone 5 rumors. Do you think after last years ***** show that they are really going to leak any rumors out? They are not going to sacrifice sales. They WILL release a new phone in June/July. They cannot afford not too. Once a year is perfect. As for LTE who cares. We won't be able to use it for a while anyway. Let's work on a 3g phone that can consistently make calls first. When I do get service the 3G is plenty fast anyway. I am fine with 2-4 mb/ps. In some areas I'm only a bit over 1 and some Im under 1. That is plenty for what the phone can do now. Again, doing the upgrade in Sep will have a lot of people disappointed. Its all about perception. If they wait, even if a few months unless they announce it at WWDC it will hurt them. Now if they can justify the wait and announce it in June with LTE delivered in Sep they may have a chance. Bottom line 15 months for a phone refresh imo is weak. I just don't personally get the fascination with LTE today. It will be great but we are premature.

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  • stunna
    Jul 23, 05:47 PM
    It's funny because there are devices that allow you to do these things.
    Apple allows the normal people to move forward in the technology world.

    Full of Win
    Apr 2, 06:54 AM
    The high-end Nikon sensors are not Sony's.

    "While it's widely known that Nikon uses sensors principally designed by Sony in many of its digital SLRs, the D3/D700 sensor is an original Nikon design that is manufactured not by Nikon but by an unspecified sensor fabricator. Prior to the D3, the only other digital SLR models to also feature a sensor created by Nikon were the D2H and D2Hs, and as with those models, Nikon isn't revealing their manufacturing partner for the new sensor. It has a pixel pitch of 8.45�m and utilizes 12-channel readout."

    I said the following

    They make all of Nikons sensors, even the high end D3S and D3X dSLRs ones.

    Actually, if you read what he says, he does not say what you think he is saying. The point you are missing is who designs Nikon sensors and who makes Nikon sensors. Yes, Nikon does the design work on many of its sensors, however, the creation (who 'makes' them as I said in my original post) is usually Sony.

    Below is a quote FROM NIKON talking about the D3X, the most high en dSLR camera tat Nikon currently offers...

    The Nikon D3X’s 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) CMOS sensor was developed expressly for the D3X in accordance with Nikon’s stringent engineering requirements and performance standards, with final production executed by Sony. Featuring refined low-noise characteristics, 12 and 14 bit output, Live View capability and more, the D3X’s unique sensor design was carefully blueprinted to perform in perfect concert with proprietary Nikon technologies including EXPEED Image Processing and the Scene Recognition System. Meticulous efforts allowed the sensor to become one of the many essential components and technologies which contribute to the D3X’s superior image fidelity

    Oct 27, 12:19 PM
    I have my Macbook since July and have never experienced a random shutdown.

    My Lenovo laptop has no known hardware defect and thanks to wonderful software from Microsoft I do experience random shutdowns, lockups, bluescreens, you name it.

    Given the choice between a Windows box guaranteed to crash, get infected and worm its way around the network, I'd much rather get a Macbook with a pretty stable OS and generally wonderful machine.

    Mar 29, 10:03 AM
    2)localized social awareness: discover what music people around you are listening to/what sites they're surfing on, etc (opt-in), would be a nice leap in the social network area (where Apple is a bit stagnating)

    I can't see many people opting into that, at least the latter part.

    Oct 27, 05:27 AM
    What's the vibe on this update for people who haven't had any RSS problems so far, and whose machines haven't been in for service at all???

    I'm tempted to do it anyway, to stave off the possibility that it might eventually go to **** in a couple months (a la people whose week 19 machines have been fine till yesterday kinda thing), but then that old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it" pops into my mind...

    I've got a week 18 BlackBook, no problems at all, never a random shutdown after both the 1.0 and 1.1 firmware updates.

    The 1.0 raised my idling temp to around 54� and the 1.1 update pushed it up to about 56� but other than that no problems.

    Mar 25, 12:42 PM
    yes, what's up with 666 MB... :(
    anyways, downloaded fast enough(1-2 min)... now updating.:)

    Dude, you must be like on Comcast-Crack Plan LOL

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