Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • smartboy75
    12-19 12:52 PM
    You should be fine. Now that you have the receipt, you can start working for employer B. Some wait for the actual transfer to take place before working. It is a matter of preference. From what you have mentioned, your case seems to be pretty straight fwd and should not be an issue.

    Good luck.

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  • vivasvan
    07-26 03:48 PM

    A consultancy firm applied for my H1b Visa this year (2009). USCIS has denied the visa showing the reasons like:
    1) My manager (CEO of the company) and the person I will work under (From the client company) is different.
    2) They questioned in same line about the place of my work.(office of the firm and the client).
    3) They have some points regarding wages of previously employed H1bs of the firm.

    There's no point however about my qualification and experience (I have a degree from IIT and work at India branch of one US multinational). The company says that they have a number of approvals this year and the particular decision depends on the officer at USCIS to a large extend. They can re-appeal addressing all the concerns mentioned by USCIS.

    How much are the chances are that a denial would be converted to approval. Is the USCIS going to be very strict and judgmental about the re-appeal of the denial?. May be it is hard to tell, by I greatly appreciate any help/suggestion...


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  • rkumar18
    06-26 02:19 AM
    I'm in kind of a tricky situation.
    I currently work for a consulting company who is sponsoring my GC.Our client has offered me a full time position and I was planning to use AC21 to switch over but better sense prevailed over me to continue with my current employer to avoid any issues in GC processing.Now my client is not willing to extend my contract.Given the current job market, I think it might take atleast a month or two for my employer to find me another project.
    Just in case my I485 gets approved, can anyone please let me know if it is ok to be without pay (employer will not pay between projects) after the GC gets approved?Please advise.


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  • ashugumgol
    11-30 11:08 PM
    My AP was approved Nov 16. Email from USCIS said approval notice sent. I had to travel Dec 4th. When my lawyer contacted USCIS on Nov 25th, USCIS said they were in the process of printing the form. My lawyer suggested trying for the emergency AP. The Baltimore office says walk-ins not allowed. My travel was postponed for other reasons. Double check that USCIS actually mailed the notices to you.


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  • rajiv404
    12-09 06:06 PM
    I recently found a new job and they filed for my H1 transfer in premium processing. I am still working for my old employer. Now I have got an RFE questioning why my salary (in 2009 W2) which is less than what was mentioned in my previous petition. Even though I have all my paystubs I was on bench for few months between march - may 2009. I have a leave letter for 4 weeks vacation in may and my salary was reduced when I got new project. Which explains why it is less but may not be enough to prove it to USCIS. Salary in W2 could also be less that prevailing wage. Right now I have following scenarios
    1. WIthdraw application - not sure repurcussion of this.
    2. Respond to RFE with mentioned reason which can have following outcomes
    a) Appoved - (good i will be more than happy)
    b) Approved with consular processing - (I dont want to travel at this point of time outside US)
    c) denied - (not sure)
    3. This case goes to DOL and there may be investigation or indent of revoke sent to my employer. Can this happen?

    Here are my questions
    1. Senario 2.b. If I get "Approved with consular processing" do I have to travel to India for stamping immediately or just get new I94? What will be my current status then? What if I decide not to join the new employer?
    2. Senario 2.c. If I get "Denied" what will be my current status?
    3. What should I do so that I am not out of status and I dont have to travel to India for stamping?
    4. Scenario 3, Can this happen?

    Any response will be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • srarao
    09-05 08:34 PM
    any help - urgent


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    03-30 05:16 PM
    Thanks coolpal.
    Do they have any risk in keeping me on bench while on EAD compared to H1b?

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  • coolfun
    01-28 07:47 PM

    I applied for my first EAD in May 2007 and had FP done in June 2007. I am now applying for my EAD renewal. Will there be another FP for the renewal?

    This is really urgent as I am traveling to India in April for a month and I don't want to miss the FP appointment. Please let me know if you have info on this?



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  • Stourmi
    June 5th, 2007, 06:12 AM
    Thank you for the reply, and the information Mats. :)

    Full time H1 and part time H1 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Full time H1 and part time H1

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  • geesee
    07-14 10:54 PM
    Guys who are from NJ/NY tristate area, might know abt Mamta Narula who hosts a show called "Mamta jisko kuch nahi jamta" (Mamta, the one, who cant get any work done!)

    I sent an email to Mamta and she has promised to cover I-485 July flipflop in one of her coming shows....

    I feel glad to do "something" to spread the news around... :cool:



    I will definetely cover this story in one of my coming up shows. Keep listening to me on 1170AM AM.


    Mamta Narula
    TV/Radio/Stage Host
    "Music Cheers me Up!!"

    ---------- Original Message ----------------------------------

    Delails of Comments

    Hello Mamta,
    I'm a regular listener of your show and must say you do a great job!!

    Well, I would like to request if you could cover below (sad) story of
    legal immigrants in one of your upcoming shows

    I, myself, is on H1B visa and was a victim of the flipflops that USCIS
    did on 2nd July, 2007.

    If you would like to get more information on this, please send me an
    email and I'll surely provide it to you.

    You can find detailed information about this story at -

    Thanks & Regards


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  • mbawa2574
    12-19 09:01 PM
    After getting his *ss kicked in all 50 states hate monger Tommy "Doggie" Tancredo is quitting the Presidential race.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-21 11:00 PM
    Acting Associate Director Donald Neufeld has issued revised guidance regarding the
    I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. The guidance is dated February 6, 2009.

    Previously, if an I-90 applicant presented a national security concern or had a record of arrest or presented an �Egregious Public Safety� concern, then the USCIS adjudicator was instructed to immediately suspend adjudication of the 1-90 and refer the case to ICE.

    The problem with that position, as pointed out in the Neufeld memo, is that an I-90 applicant who is a Lawful Permanent Resident LPR holds that status until he or she either abandons it themselves or has it revoked through rescission or removal proceedings. Therefore, until the LPR status is either abandoned or revoked, the applicant is entitled to evidence of his or her status.

    Now, the Neufeld memo provides that all 1-90 applications will be adjudicated when all of the basic filing requirements and conditions have been met:

    1. The applicant has established his or her identity; and

    2. It has been established that the applicant is a lawful permanent resident.

    Once those conditions have been met, the I-90 should be approved regardless of whether derogatory information comes up during the fingerprint and IBIS checks. If that happens, the I-90 should still be approved first and the derogatory information issue addressed second, presumable with a referral to ICE.

    In the past, some applicants have been served with Requests for Evidence (RFE) asking for arrest records or court dispositions. Now any RFE that is issued must be limited to requesting supporting documentation related to establishing identity or status.

    More... (


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  • seahawks
    02-14 01:48 AM
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  • beautifulMind
    10-25 11:31 AM


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  • STAmisha
    01-22 05:41 PM
    No responses so far!! Please repsond if you know

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  • allen_1974
    01-21 11:20 AM

    I have spent over 3 years in US. Can I file for H1B extension based on 6 years window for H1B visa. My situation is I am in India and the company is filing this fro me in US.
    What are the chances of getting this extension approved?

    1. I have maintained a legal status for 3 years during my stay in US.
    2. 221g was the problem I couldnt get back to States.
    3. 221g got cleared but my I 797 got expired and old company withdrew H1B extension.
    4. Now one company is helping me with H1B extension based on my case as detailed above.

    Pls advice about the possibility of getting this H1B extension. I am kind of waiting on this for long.



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  • senk1s
    10-30 11:40 AM
    Did you apply thru an attorney - they must have got a copy as well

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  • srisairam
    07-26 11:23 AM
    My H1B 6th year expires in December 07,

    I applied for I140 using 2004 approved labor in July 1st week and applied for 485 this week.

    I read a article in

    Substitution Beneficiary Enjoys H1B Extension Benefit!

    In a particularly liberal construction of the law, Mr. Yates indicates that, if a labor certification, previously approved for another "green card" candidate but unused for that candidate, is now being used to support an I-140 petition for an H1B status holder, the date of filing of the original labor certification may be used for that H1B nonimmigrant to file for one-year incremental H1B extensions, as long as additional proof is submitted that the person has a pending or approved I-140 based on that labor certification. Under this interpretation, therefore, a person who is using a substituted labor certification that was filed more than 365 days prior, but whose employer filed the I-140 petition for the H1B employee only two months before the six-year H1B window expired, is now eligible for the one-year incremental extensions.

    Can I get 7th year extension with help of I140 receipt?

    Is any one applied for H1B 7th year extension using 21st Century DOJ Appropriations Act, if yes what type of documentation we need to submit while applying for extension?

    If there is any answer in previous links please past the link here.

    My attorney has no idea about 21st Century DOJ Appropriations Act.

    Seniors please need your advice immediately

    Thank you

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-31 11:10 AM
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    08-26 08:44 PM
    Only God knows who is getting in that month :)

    It seems to be pure lottery system is going on now !!!

    11-30 03:13 PM
    Nebraska Service Center mailed I-131 approval notices for me and my wife on 28th Oct. But we never received them. Its been a month now. So, I called USCIS today morning and they say I need to reapply for I-131 for my whole family because some one else might have picked it up.

    I called up post office. They say they have no mails on hold.

    Is reapplying the only way out?

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