Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • answers_seeker
    08-03 02:56 PM
    Congrats. Did you do anything special - SR, Senator office, Infopass?

    No. Last year we had an RFE as my wife's medicals were missing a signature. As Pappu mentioned in another thread most of them were pre approved and were waiting on visa numbers I think.

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  • hebbar77
    04-08 08:02 PM
    I was not aware of these things(EB1 gc for false managers). Smart people all around. In fact sometimes USCIS does checks on approved cases and those do get it by falsifying stuff will go to jail for a LONG time, long enough to get citizenship here in US!!

    We should all report any illegal activity. Keep in mind that we all will be affected by it by USCIS reviewing everyones case too thoroughly... Bcos we all are Aliens!!(short ears, no hair... like in a sci-fi movie)

    Earlier mis-use used to be porting labor... contractor -h1... (as per what I read on forums).. Now GC's? by EB1!! huh!
    All those who falsely got visas on higher EBx categories would prevent spill over to next EBx category, delaying legit candidate waiting with legitimate documents and background.

    Now we all know why we are waiting for our green karrrrrd.

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  • B+ve
    09-02 03:49 PM
    You really cannot do anything in a short time except hoping for the best. Two things have to happen for getting a GC (i) Your file should be or should already have been reviewed, and if all good to go, preadjudicated. That depends on your receive date by the Center processing your case (not RD on your receipt). This date is close to ND, and is often seen online as " your case was received on...". If this date is prior to published dates, your file definitely has been reviewed. Farther it is from the published date, lesser the chance, but approvals are indicating that if it is Aug, Sep, Oct 07 there is very good chance, though September has higher chance than October (ii) Your PD should be high enough. As per USCIS SOP preadjudicated files are piled in sequence of PD's.

    Note that both conditions should be met before leftover visas exhuast. Third condition, which always plays significant role is, luck. This means, you hope that IO working on your case did not fall sick when he/she was about to look at your case, some document did not slip out of your file, person working on your case head proper eye glasses so as not to misread your PD as 2007, stack of preadjudicated cases did not fall down losing file sorting sequence, etc. etc.

    Best wishes to you and all others.

    Yes you are absolutely true..... We must have the luck factor also...

    As in my case, my PD, RD, ND and BD (BD aka Birth Day also :) ) all are well with in the current processing time frame and still waiting for the mercy of Lord USCIS.

    I am praying for those unlucky folks like me, who are still waiting in the queue, to get approvals before the available visas get exhaust.


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  • gc28262
    07-14 12:46 PM
    coopheal ,
    I have been contributing. Even for the latest Capitol Hill effort I did call my friends and they did contribute. I have the numbers. I myself contributed 100$. I would have spent at least 8 hours making calls and making my friends contribute $. I never gave up on that. But still I do not get enough motivation to keep this doing. I have collected around 200$ at my work for meeting the lawmakers effort but returned the money to individuals. I am sure it would have ended up helping EB2.


    I participated in IV lobby day. Myself along with other IV members presented the talking points to lawmakers. One thing I can say for sure is those materials didn't have a single line for EB2 alone. IV's strategy is to strive for common solutions which would benefit every one.


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  • amitjoey
    01-17 03:58 PM
    I've already signed up for monthly contribution...and sent LogicLife's mail as a wake up call for all the fence sitters and freeloaders.

    I can relate with anurakt's's amazing how penny wise pound foolish people can get!

    Come on guys, I have introduced at least 8 friends to IV and (almost) forced then to contribute :) Let's all get 2-3 members and persuade them to contribute.

    As LogicLife said, if we do not pitch in at this time, we might not as well...

    I signed up for monthly contribution rather late, sorry about that. Was just busy the last few days. I agree with GotGC. I did the same thing last couple of months, persuaded my friends like crazy and sat at their homes and got them registered and also got them to contribute. Looks like now I have to go to their homes again and get them to sign up for Monthly contribution. People just dont get it.

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  • inskrish
    09-01 06:32 PM
    Finally, it is my turn to get the approval email. At 2.30 pm MST, I received the approval email, but still no emails for my two dependants. The waiting-game is not yet over:-)

    PD: 05/2004
    RD: 08/05/2007
    ND: 10/03/2007

    I wish good luck to everyone who have been waiting for your turns!


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  • vasa
    09-20 10:11 AM
    i was with my wife Kanika, who handled lobby day meetings. i did post some picture links in other thread..


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  • espoir
    07-11 05:16 PM
    Nice one. RFE for USCIS.:D
    If they can't answer in time. Will they be out of status:D

    This is way cool. Time to answer RFE by USCIS !!


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  • pappu
    04-09 03:07 PM
    Let us all have constructive discussion on this bill rather than fighting with each other or blaming others or blaming companies. Think of ways you can strengthen this organization and help us in the work we have in front of us.

    This thread has run into several pages, but the call the lawmakers thread was begging for attention whole of last week.

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  • Totoro
    03-20 12:43 PM
    You mentioned Stimulus package and ITIN issue, as I remember people with spouses having ITIN didn't get any rebate...

    That is for the 2008 stimulus. They were going to do the same in 2009, but it was reversed at the last minute. I am sorry I could not get the 2008 stimulus overturned. The best we were able to do was the HEART Act, which only helps those who are active military. However, the 2009 stimulus is available for everyone. This time it is not a one time payment, but you will see a small increase in your monthly paycheck.


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  • GC08
    10-14 07:55 AM
    There are a lot of 2003 and 2004 filers still waiting. EB3 should be much more than EB2 because during this period, there was no visa retrogression and most people did not care about the category. Even some of those EB3's converted to EB2's, it did not really reduce the visa # demand or made the EB3 line shorter thanks to the infamous Labor Substitution. Needless to say the existing name check backlogs as well as the filing rush right before PERM. My guess is it will take at least a year for EB3 to move beyond 2004.

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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 04:07 PM
    I don't have clear picture on what IV is planning to do now except that FOIA drive. I request the core team to inform all IV members explicitly about their plan. I guess there will be more donations than they expect.

    suggestion: while sending emails that there is a reply to your post, they should also add the actions they have been/ or planning to take.

    Good luck with that - They will respond when they want to. Atleast seems like it.


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  • Saralayar
    07-15 11:37 AM
    I dont have knowledge/experience in leading these efforts. I can give 30-60 mins of time everyday and contribute. If someone has more experience, ready to help.

    I am also ready to coordinate if someone take a lead on this...

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  • GCScrewed
    04-08 07:41 PM
    No forward movement in EB2 (I or C).

    EB3 is "Unavailable" for all countries of chargebility.

    Where did the visas go this? Who got them that they are already out of them??

    I have been wondering the same thing. Where did all the visas go? Some statistics on CIS website did not seem to indicate that many EB numbers were used last year. So weird!!! :confused:

    Maybe as someone said, they just did not want to work. If they make visas unavailable, no case would be counted in the backlog queue and they will therefore meet their "blacklog reduction" target as published earlier???

    Bottomline, looks like the new adminstration is no better than the old one to legal EB immigrants, although they have suspended raid on illegals. This is just getting better and better. :rolleyes:


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  • susie
    10-10 11:32 PM
    ok, so lets work together in all contacting our senators and congressmen

    what do you think of sending this

    Dear Rep./Sen./Readers

    Expat�s Voice: Representing the Expat Community

    We at Expat�s Voice ask for your support in achieving genuinely comprehensive and fair immigration reform.

    Our organization represents thousands of members who have legally immigrated to the United States, including immigrant and nonimmigrant visa holders, and those that are awaiting immigration. The diversity of our membership means we truly understand first hand the problems with the current immigration system.

    We commend the work of the Government in attempting to bring in much needed reform. However, the rights of many, specifically of children and of legal immigrants are being overlooked, and we want to bring the pertinent issues to your attention.

    First, we ask for a much needed compassionate visa. Many of our members, due to immigration related reasons cannot leave the country without repercussions for their visa status. They have elderly Parents and other relatives in seriously ill condition. Similarly, our own families have not been allowed to enter the USA on a compassionate basis. My own husband passed away last year, but my son was refused a temporary visa to pay his last respects because of problems with �immigrant intent.� The US Embassy showed no compassion or common sense. Yet due to the unfairness of the system, many families have to suffer this type of humiliation on a regular basis as a result of the system, largely because of reasons of mere technicalities. This has to change.

    Second, we support all measures that protect children. They are innocent in the whole immigration process whether brought to this country legally or illegally. The US Government has failed repeatedly to bring the Dream Act to fruition. We ask that ALL children, whether having entered the USA illegally or under legal nonimmigrant status, who can bring so much benefit to this country�s future be recognized and protected as soon as possible. There is ambiguity as to whether the Dream Act protects all children the meet the criteria or only illegal children; if it is the latter it needs to expanded to cover legal migrant children, whose Parents have respected and abided with US immigration laws. In addition, the legislation would not prevent certain nonimmigrant dependent (such as E dependents) from aging out at 21 unless they meet certain criteria. Therefore, we also ask for an amendment to the Child Protection Status Act of 2002 (CSPA), if not in the Dream Bill, to prevent these families from being separated when the child reaches 21.

    Third, many children �age out� due to the long waiting periods involved with family-based petitions. The Child Protection Status Act of 2002 (CSPA) was intended to address many of these issues, but the legislation has simply failed in this aim. Many of our members are now stuck in their country of residence, despite their Parents and younger siblings having already immigrated to the USA. The CSPA was designed to ensure children who aged out were awarded earlier priority dates associated with their previous petition to prevent being forced to the back of the line with a new petition and new priority date (and, when taking into account the waits associated with both the original petition and the subsequent petition after aging out, this can cause waits in excess of 30 years). However, the failure of the USCIS to apply this law correctly, because of an ambiguity in the way section 3 (INS, section 203(h)) is drafted, and the fact no visa advisory opinion nor any rules have been issued after four and half years since the CSPA was enacted, means many families remain separated.

    Fourth, many of our members are E2 and L1 visa holders. They contribute millions of dollars to the US economy and provide employment to many American citizens. However, despite being in this country legally and providing many benefits, they are treated like second class members in the USA. Our E2 members have to return to their country every two years to renew their visa, with no guarantee of visa renewal putting their investment and the American employees at serious risk. This is compounded with severe delays in visa processing times, particularly in London. Despite providing these benefits, often for more than a decade, it is very disappointing that our members do not have a direct path to citizenship. What is even more surprising is that despite having abided by and respected US laws, it is the illegal immigrants who stand to directly benefit from the Strive Bill with a direct path to permanent residency and citizenship.

    Our members, many of who are British citizens, feel cheated by the US Government. Much is spoken of our �special relationship,� but in practice it seems the rights of illegal immigrants take priority. Further, many have suffered from poor treatment by immigration and enforcement officials, but we remain patient and respectful. As an organization we are neither for nor against the rights of illegal immigrants. We simply ask that our commitment and duty to this country be recognized with at least equal reward and that you support Rep. Heather Wilson�s proposed E2 Nonimmigrant Investor Adjustment Act of 2007. We do, however, believe the 3,000 proposed figure will create a backlog of investor immigrants and so urge you to remove the proposed cap, or support a larger number and/or also introduce an annual increase to meet market demand.

    In sum we ask you for fair reforms: to recognize the principle of family reunification through amendments to the CSPA; to reward those who abide by and respect US laws to at least the same level as those that don�t; to treat the children with compassion and open arms by giving them an opportunity to remain in and benefit this great country; and to show compassion and prevent humiliation to many thousands of families, by allowing family members to be with their loved one on a temporary basis in their time of need and often in their last moments, both in the USA and outside the USA.

    For more information please also visit us at We have also included an appendix discussing the issues more fully with draft amendments and explanations to provide solutions to the above issues.


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  • GC_MAR_2003
    05-15 12:46 PM

    At last, our priority dates are current.

    Now, we have to go and submit Medical Examination Results.
    My Wife is pregnant and I was told by my friends that it is not a good idea to get her immunized (vaccines) now. She might probably have taken most of them back in INDIA.

    Is there a way we can apply for I-485 and get EID's without her immunization record? (I will have mine). I am sure there are others who are in the same boat.

    Please advice.


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  • sathweb
    07-11 03:57 PM
    Is she so powerfull?

    Is she so powerfull? If so, she deserves flowers with note "Thank you for standing up for lagal immigrants".

    She Rocks.

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  • learning01
    02-01 09:04 PM

    update is coming pls wait.

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  • carpediem
    04-09 08:59 PM
    I honestly feel there is no good way to get traction on this issue with the American government. The common masses are against immigration reform and even more so than usual right now because of the recession.

    One possible solution is to really prove to the them that we have a choice. I don't know if there is a way to petition our companies to create offices in Canada. Say 1000 people at Microsoft in Seattle or Intel in Portland move to Vancouver. Canadians would love our income, sales and property taxes. And companies would truly like to save money on health benefits, while keeping employees happy and in the same timezone. Employees get green cards quickly. The only downside for the company is that employees are less tied down to their jobs.

    Does this make sense?

    08-05 04:31 PM
    Going by the trend...your lucky day may be tomorrow...Aug 6th...2 weeks from the date your case was assigned..

    Good luck..

    Thank you !!. I really want this wait to end sooner than later....

    02-12 12:07 AM
    I did see the two address entries in the form....however, i've almost lost all ties to india to even be able to present an address for correspondance. I've put both the address as my current US address.

    Where did you lookup the information on having an indian address on the form.


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