Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • ForumApple
    Oct 17, 02:28 AM

    MAN.... any other solutions?

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  • pmasters
    Feb 4, 01:03 PM
    Finally broke down and picked up a MacMini. I have a time machine backup of my MBP and all my software installed but would like to just replace the default OS on the MacMini to save me time from having to reinstall all of my software.

    1) Is this possible?

    2) Since the hardrive size is different between the two, if I am able to restore from my MBP image (250 GB), will the MacMini only have 250GB formatted and allocated or will it format the entire 320GB and be accessible or will I need to extend the partition to reclaim the additional 70GB?

    Thanks for any advice.

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  • jondob
    May 4, 05:22 PM
    Have had my macbook 13 inch 2011 for about a month now.

    Sometimes when I go to burn a cd i put the cd in but it doesnt grab the cd it doesnt even work..

    When I go to reset the computer I can hear the drive put it self back in place, then once the comuter is back from restart it will take the cd in...

    Not a huge deal but kinda annoying when I have to retart everytime..

    Is there a reason why this is happening?

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  • Umbongo
    Apr 24, 10:12 AM
    While there are some other factors the main one is simple supply and demand. The same reason why MBPs hold their value over non-mac notebooks.


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  • outphase
    Mar 25, 04:36 PM
    You cannot use 4.2.1 because the signing window for that is closed. You're going to have to just wait until a 4.3/4.3.1 jailbreak is released.

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  • Michael383
    May 7, 12:36 AM
    At this time I'd go for the top of the line iMac 27".


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  • 840quadra
    Jan 4, 03:54 AM
    I have been communicating via PM to HexMonkey, thanks for the clarification on what has occurred. I didn't notice that the article hadn't been moved, I mistook the "cleanup" template tag, as a tag signifying the post was moved to the "ugly" category. I was in error thinking that.

    The point of the cleanup template isn't to tell the original author that they need to clean it up, but rather that the community in general needs to clean it up, since each article is not "owned" by the original author (so a PM wouldn't be appropriate). Personally I don't agree with them being called "ugly guides", it's usually more an issue of them not being consistent with formatting of other pages (and sometimes also having bad spelling and/or grammar) than them being ugly. For reference, all I originally did was add the cleanup template to the top of the page, and as a side effect it's added to the Ugly Guides category. I didn't "move" the article there.

    I have no problem with people making changes, that wasn't the issue. The issue was the fact that it was changed without notice while I was still working on the page ( I and many others are still learning the interface) .

    since each article is not "owned" by the original author (so a PM wouldn't be appropriate).

    I understand that fully, but i don't agree with the PM comment. The issue with PM'ing people not being appropriate may be true for a huge Wiki, or one on a site that isn't associated with a forum that has a PM system. Macrumors is neither of those, and it only takes a second to see if the person that created an article is online by checking the forums.

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  • Nereus
    Dec 16, 06:06 PM
    Yeah, a restart may help. :)

    Restarted but I get the same result, I'll check out the cable.


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  • MacHamster68
    Mar 2, 09:08 PM
    i was curious now and looked up google and look what i found ..that was the pippin
    and there exists even a museum for it

    ok i was wrong with os 8 but .... if i read that info of the museums site right it really was a macintosh in the wrong market and it could be used to access the world wide web , and surprise it could be connected to a television like the mini today , had this been marketed right as a mini macintosh with a harddrive and more ram it could have been the grandfather of the mini , so it was a product in the wrong market no wonder it didn't sell

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  • snickelfritz
    Feb 15, 10:28 AM
    Just curious; is the error caused by a clean install of Panther(10.3), or is the error caused by the 10.3.8 update?


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  • Doctor Q
    Mar 16, 09:21 PM
    Whats the point of banning if they can just make a new user?
    It lets them know that their posting habits were not acceptable and that they are no longer welcome. Some of these users leave for good because it's clear that this site doesn't suit them. Some contact us to blame us for their behavior while others contact us to debate the details of their situation.

    And yes, some of them re-register. They are often identified to the moderators by users who recognize them, or are spotted by the moderators themselves. The people who get banned, i.e., users who break rules and are uncooperative in the first place, tend not to change personality and as a result often end up getting banned again for the same reason they did the first time. Very few want to play cat-and-mouse this way for long since they aren't able to use the forums as other users do. No doubt there are some re-registrants who haven't been caught, but there's not much we can do about that. There will always be immature users and we'll always need to rely on forum users to report their inappropriate posts, but the job of the moderators is to minimize the problems they cause for other users.

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  • Hrududu
    Jul 12, 10:39 AM
    You have an iMac in your garage?
    Yup. Its sitting on a wall mounted stand by the workbench. Comes in handy while working on the car. I can get on parts websites and forums without having to go inside. Very nice when using pictures or diagrams posted online.


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  • 748s
    Oct 1, 05:21 AM
    it's advertising. they use what looks best. one tv advert [where i am] showed someone doing their banking via the internet on an imac. the bank concerned doesn't support macs. a large pc seller has a an advert about leasing instead of buying, the computer used in the advert is a pismo, the apple logo is PSed out

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  • tcb9289
    Mar 11, 10:36 AM
    I haven't gotten an Apple product on launch day before, but my understanding is that because the retail launch is so much larger for the iPad 2 than the original, the process/availability may be quite different. Which model are you shooting for? I'm looking for a 64gb wifi model, so my hope is that the price will deter sales for a couple hours.

    I get out of class around 3, and I think I'm going to try the apple store to get one at 5:00 . . .if that fails I'm going to move on to on Lawndale target . . .then Walmart in Asheboro - where I'm unfortunate enough live.

    To get back to answering your question, I'd say that depending on the model that you're looking for, BB may or may not be the best bet given their limited stock.


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  • lsvtecjohn3
    May 3, 12:44 AM
    I wouldn't say I abandoned my point and shoot but I do use it a lot less. The iPhone 4 camera is really good for a phone camera, but IMO it's doesn't take as well of pictures as a point and shoot.

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  • wordoflife
    May 2, 12:30 PM
    As long as the better iPhone's price does not exceed $299 for the highest version, I don't care.


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  • amin
    Dec 21, 08:33 PM
    My 15" PB has a similar smell. In my case, the odor is maximal if I sniff just below the touchpad button. I've been dealing with it my not putting my nose to the laptop and sniffing. Hopefully it isn't poisoning me slowly with toxic fumes...

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  • darkside flow
    Apr 10, 03:28 PM
    Put it on once and never used it again. I can't physically make my phone drop any signal in Toronto.

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  • harpster
    Apr 1, 05:25 AM
    I mean when clicking on the input box instead of it focusing on the input box for text entry, it instead focuses on the submit button.

    While ie6 is not my target platform since the site worked so far without any alterations i don't mind supporting it.

    IE6 is not very forgiving. If it works in Firefox then you most likely have html error(s)... things like missing close brackets /> and table cell <td></td> can effect that in IE6 where other browsers assume it's there and will still work. Have you tried and html validator?

    Sep 23, 01:14 PM
    It seems that we will have to wait for the official word from Apple. I hope that it isn't closed for good though.

    May 4, 06:39 PM
    Cool, thanks!

    May 3, 10:29 PM
    This is something I would love to see via jailbreak or iOS 5. It would be awesome to be able to hand off SMS to the iPad when they are in close proximity.

    But I would want this to work with my iPhone's native AT&T SMS and not some other "free" texting service. Those require you to use a new number and it would be near impossible for me to tell all my contacts to start texting a new number but call me on the old number.

    That's really the beauty of google voice, once you transisition to it you never have to worry about changing numbers again or giving people different numbers. You do have to make that initial transition and give all your contacts a new number BUT it's the last one you will have to hive them.

    Sep 19, 07:26 PM
    Also, does anyone have an Apple Studio monitor hooked up to titanium PB? I have one of those and I am planning to get a new 12" PB.

    Aug 14, 10:58 PM
    Go back to the store with an AT&T Wireless phone and press *ID (*43) and hold the phone up to the headphones for 15 sec and it will text message you the name/artist of the song.
    Now that is wicked cool. Hadn't heard of it.

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