Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • Ann Ruben
    08-15 10:34 AM
    Most likely, a clerical mistake of some kind was made. Your wife should call the National Customer Service Center to start the inquiry process.

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  • mckottayam
    05-24 08:16 PM
    In CIR 2007 (S.1348) Title V, subtitle B is skill act of 2007 SEC.524 says about people with masters and higher degrees will not be counted against the numerical caps. This says it is amending Section 201(b)(1) (8 U.S.C. 1151(b)(1)) which is about the numerical caps. As this is in the section of backlog reduction does this mean that those who already are in the process and is backlogged will be given green cards out the numerical cap?

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  • nixstor
    09-07 10:04 PM
    3/4th of U S A sleeping :)

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  • EndlessWait
    06-04 01:42 PM
    r u almost closeto ur GC is that so?


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  • rjgleason
    January 3rd, 2005, 03:54 PM
    Freddy I took some liberty here with your "cold shore" pic and added some filtering......just a quick go-around of a couple of filters (NIK) plugin.......(If I shud remove the post, please let me know)

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  • tnite
    10-01 02:18 PM
    I am a july 21 filer and received I-485 notices on Sept 26. I am required to join my job on Oct 8 and i want to use the EAD for that.

    My question is, if i see the status as "card ordered" before Oct 8, then can i call USCIS to get the EAD number before joining the job. OR does the employer need to be shown the EAD card before joining.

    It looks like it is taking 1 week from notice date to see the status change to "Card Ordered" and another 7-10 days or more to get the card.


    DONT EVEN TRY. wait for the EAD and in the mean time let your future employer know.They will not mind waiting for a week or so.


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  • neeidd
    12-24 01:31 PM
    Create a new account using the following and follow the rest:

    Click on new user, then check mark the privacy policy then it will guide you step by step.

    It is a renewal and it costs $340 to you.
    Thanks for the reply, ajay

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  • Soltan
    11-24 10:49 PM
    Thanks for your reply.
    In the scenario #2, do I need to go out of the country and get a valid I94? (cunsular processing) before I can start work?


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  • anjans
    07-09 02:44 PM
    Of course you can start PERM in your 6th year. Make sure you do it soon and file for I-140 promptly so that once that is approved you can get 3 yr H1 approval

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  • vkishore123
    07-21 09:01 PM
    Thank you Sir,

    Do you think if she cancels her interview, she can go to the interview again after sometime, without affecting her future prospects of getting a GC.


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  • 140jibjab
    12-09 06:55 PM
    I had misdemenour with conviction.Got my H1B stamping in Chennai.
    Make sure you check Yes in the colmn "Have you ever been arrested". Voluntarily present the case dismissal documents.
    Make sure you go to the appointment as soon as you land, If they say they will need to look into the case(It will take 3 weeks). They will not give your passport back when this process of "Look into it" happens. So you cannot travel back to US when Consulate takes time.
    If the Consular officer is satisfied with the documents you have presented to him. In my case i had to produce case dispositions. Misdemenour is not a "InAdmissible" Offense even if you are convicted. made it back with 3 year stamping "Jai Ho"

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  • Jipjap74
    04-15 10:59 AM

    I concurrently filed both my I-140 and I-485 back in Oct 09. My I-140 was approved on March 18th and then nothing since. I read that by concurrent filing the process is quicker. I am on an EB1-C. My question is has anyone had any experience in the time frame for concurrent filing under the category i am under? I have checked the tracker and cannot see anyone in similar position. Time line is what i am looking for or is it a "wait and see" situation?


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  • fromnaija
    04-14 05:20 PM
    If she entered without inspection she will have to process her green card in her home country unless you can get a waiver. But if she came here legally and her I-94 expired you may be in luck. You will have to file I-130, and I-485 for her. You will also have to submit I-130 for her son who will apply for an immigrant visa in Nicaragua. You may want to talk to an immigration attorney who will be in a better position to direct you on this.

    Also this forum is mainly targeted at employment-based immigration and you may not get answers here for a family-based immigration issue.

    Good luck.

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  • pkak
    07-19 10:23 PM

    My U.S. born son is travelling with my friends from India to USA. He had gone to India for summer vacation. Would anybody have any sample letter for addressing to immigration authorities that we authorize his travel along with my friend.



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  • ak_2006
    07-08 04:14 PM
    Demand Data Used in the Determination of Employment Preference Cut-Off Dates (Updated 7/8/2010) (


    This means Visa bulletin will come pretty soon. Good Luck to EB2!

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  • Munna Bhai
    08-23 09:00 AM
    My friend has H1 and working for company A. He transferred his H1 and started working for company B (Its been 4 weeks and he has 2 paystubs from company B).

    He is sure that company A didn't revoked / cancelled his H1. Now he wants to move to company A (old one). Is this possible?

    or does he need to re-transfer his H1 from copnay B to company A?

    Please advise.


    He/She can join old company as long as H1b from the old company is not revoked. There is no need for any H1b transfer as long as old company's H1b is valid. Just go and join them back if they are willing to take him. Lot of people of H1b do this. Hope this helps.


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  • chanduv23
    09-15 10:23 PM
    Thanks for reading this message. Since you are from mid-west, you are capable of taking your car and drive in the direction of DC. It will take anywhere from 9-15hours. But you will be able to do it.

    If there was a possibility of USCIS handing a GC in person, you would have driven 50 hours. Can you not drive for 10hours for a cause that is affecting you, me and everyone around us?

    Now make up your mind and drive and meet other mid-westerners in DC.

    I know one mr Gan*** - who flew to Nebraska with a Substitute labor and i 140 petition on the last day before labor substitution was banned. Mr Gane** also filed for 485 after the fiasco and we had a drink together because he thought he did a marvellous job as he is just 2 months old in US and has just landed in a consulting job and already applied 140/485 during the fiasco.

    But he is not willing to hop onto my car, lives 5 miles from my place in Queens, to go to DC.

    This shows the poor attitude people have towards grassroots efforts.

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  • chanduv23
    10-16 12:46 PM

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  • wandmaker
    05-27 04:26 AM
    Thanks for the reply. But I guess I didnt frame my query properly. What I intended to ask was if the couple going to be married on a date x can fill up the forms online before wedding for an appointment on a date after their wedding?

    Thanks again!

    You can fillup forms online before wedding date but appointment date should fall after your wedding date.

    08-21 08:57 PM

    My 6th year H1 expires in Feb'07 and company is ready to apply 7th year extension using premium processing. Assuming I get H1 extended by Oct 1st and travel to India in Nov for 2 weeks, is there a problem in coming back with old visa.

    Since the appointments are full for the next 6 months I don't have any realistic chance of getting new stamping done during the trip. I know traveling while extension is pending is a big NO NO but if extension is approved am I allowed to use the old visa stamp?

    thanks in advance

    Blog Feeds
    09-14 05:20 AM
    The U.S. Department of State has recently announced that the online registration period for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program for Fiscal Year 2012 (DV-2012) will be from October 5, 2010 until November 3, 2010.

    The official online application form is available only on the Department of State Diversity Visa online entry website at (, which will be accessible on the first day of the registration period. The Congressionally mandated Diversity Immigrant Visa Program makes available 50,000 diversity visas (DV) annually, drawn from random selection among all entries to persons who meet strict eligibility requirements from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. For DV-2012, no countries have been added or removed from the previous year�s list of eligible countries.

    If you are chosen as a lottery winner, an official letter from the U.S. Department of State Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) in Williamsburg, Kentucky will be sent to the mailing address that you provided in your entry. Being selected as a lottery winner does not guarantee that you will receive a visa; you must still apply and qualify for the immigrant visa. The notification letters will provide further instructions, including information on additional forms and documentation required and immigrant visa application fees.

    More... (

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