Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • alex00100
    Apr 13, 09:05 AM
    hello forum.
    i was going to buy 27" apple cinema display in a few months. but i saw that it has "Buy only if you need it - Approaching the end of a cycle" status in buyer's guide. i dont really need it so much and i can wait.
    so when can it get updated? i havnt heard any rumors about it. and what is going to get improved?

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  • spacepower7
    May 7, 12:23 AM
    Download Dropbox... done.
    Keep it simple to set up, it's free and works perfectly. I use it to work on docs from home, work, my laptop and my iPad.
    Pay a little and get a lot more server space.

    What he said

    Dropbox rocks and the first 2GB are free with up to 5GB thru their referral program.

    It basically sets up a folder with subfolders to sync to the cloud.

    I went back to school last year and used dropbox everyday to sync files between my MacBook and Mac mini.

    If I edit a word or excel file in class on my MacBook, dropbox automatically uploads the changes to the cloud. My Mac mini is running 24/7 and downloads the new edited version 10 seconds later 10 miles away from campus.

    I set up my folders with their relative files in each, such as finance, accounting etc.
    Sitting in class, I download my PDFs and power points from the schools server to my MacBook which instantly syncs to my home computer, works cross platform from your MacBook to your PC.

    If you are all Mac, you can buy MobileMe. With the time capsule, and Back to My Mac, you can easily log into and control your home computer, such as reloading your handbrake or torrent queue. In Have both and find dropbox much better. I also have it on my iPhone and iPad.

    Dropbox is what the MobileMe iDisk was meant to be, but much better and free.

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  • Saad
    May 14, 07:55 PM
    It appears to be dead. Does anyone know when it will be relaunched?

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  • simsaladimbamba
    May 6, 03:25 PM

    You may have missed the "wireless" in the thread title: Full size Apple Wireless Keyboard with numberpad?
    At least it was worth another resurrection by a newcomer.


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  • brn2ski00
    Jun 24, 01:24 PM
    hey i had said i wanted those but its fine, u can sell them to the other guy

    PM Sent.

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  • hellrider
    Jun 15, 11:21 AM
    I haven't pre-ordered, but at this point do you think it will make any difference. I plan on heading to the Apple store at 6:00 am or so.


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  • xAnthony
    May 1, 12:46 PM
    Lol thats what i am calling my white iphone now

    That looks pretty ugly.

    The all black looks much better.

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  • FireStar
    Oct 9, 06:41 PM
    Thanks a lot!

    One more question: Is the soap essential or is it just to keep the skin sliding for readjustment?
    I'm not sure, but it probably plays a role in activating the adhesive. You should probably use the soap just in case.


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  • noekozz
    Apr 29, 12:01 PM
    I hear you, part of the reason to purchase.

    There are other apps out there that are the same, Pandora does this too.

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  • MacBytes
    Sep 8, 05:22 PM (

    Category: News and Press Releases
    Link: US Courts Ruled that Online Acquired Music is Licensed and NOT Purchased (
    Description:: none

    Posted on (
    Approved by Mudbug


    gael monfils hot. Gael Monfils Novak Djokovic
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  • Socratic
    Apr 24, 08:39 PM
    Hey I'm looking into buying a preferably new Macbook or Macbook Pro. I need one soon as I'm moving out for my freshman year of college. The two things I'm mainly concerned about is 500+GB, and 4GB Processor. I was wondering what might be some good places to begin looking for the right laptop.

    If buying new, from with the edu discount, or an apple store with the edu discount...

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  • dantiston
    Apr 16, 09:34 PM
    *bump* Please!

    So far, no go.


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  • compuwar
    Mar 10, 09:06 PM
    I generally advise people to avoid having their camera gear on a homeowner's rider anyway- the last thing you want is the HO insurance canceled because of a claim. Talk to any licensed insurance agent- Traveller's has a nice "personal professional property" policy, or just ask about an "inland marine" policy for your gear.


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  • jacobson00
    May 6, 03:41 PM
    ok fine sorry it ticked you off, but it was an innocent question. :(:(:(:(:(:(

    maybe they should Post that discussion


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  • SidBala
    Apr 22, 05:10 AM
    Where you define the code, you need to put in classname::functionname

    Do this for every function you define. This need not be done if you are within the class declaration.

    void login::find()
    ifstream file;"file.txt");

    string input=inputusername;
    string input_line;
    bool found = false;

    while( file >> input_line ) {
    if( == 0 ) {
    cout << "The name " << input_line << " was found in file.\n";
    found = true;

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  • Hastings101
    Apr 30, 11:50 PM
    I think it'd be safer just to not touch them. Especially if they're in the root directory


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  • Consultant
    May 4, 04:43 PM
    Sorry to hear about the problem.

    Might want to try Apple Store next time.

    If you want a discount on a Mac, go for the refurb at
    Refurb Apple products look like new, and has same warranty as new Apple products.

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  • moonislune
    Sep 21, 03:32 PM
    Umm you can't use a digital camera with iChat? This makes no sense :confused: ....................

    I've used a digital camera that supported the webcam function with ichatusb, and it makes sense from a cost perspective.

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  • iphone3gs16gb
    Apr 3, 12:29 AM
    I f you lose it, you will have to pay for a new one, simple as that.

    If I were you, I wouldn't bring my iPhone to a party I know I'll get super wasted.

    Oct 23, 04:55 AM
    Its great that Apple are still updating Java... however, no news regarding Java 7... Hoping that Java 7 doesn't appear too long after official releases on other platforms.

    Oracle announced Java 7 for Summer Java 8 12 to 18 months later. They are generally moving the JVM to better support languages other than Java, including support for functions as first-class objects among other improvements.

    Sep 16, 01:08 PM
    I also have the 250 GB D2 - excellent drive. I'd look at the specs on Lacie's website for the difference between the drives. I think the Porsche might be a tad slower.

    Nov 4, 03:59 PM
    I have 3 23" apple (new) monitors (office, home, 2nd home). They are great, i ordred them as soon as i could and i am very happy with them. In my office i use it with my XP desktop and its wonderfull.

    Apr 13, 02:06 AM
    having an iphone will change your life. especially if you are coming from non-iphone phone. I can guarantee you that you won't regret even a single penny. Think of this way, Iphone is a "must", ipad can be supplemental and be a capable companion.

    I think the most effective route is to go with iphone first, then save up for the ipad.

    Jan 10, 11:18 AM
    a cool key combo i accadentially discovered not to long ago is the command + ~ this will cycle through the open windows of the current program. so if you have 3 windows in safari open it will only cycle through them and not go to another program.

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