Wednesday, August 10, 2011

diamond watchman goby

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  • iGav
    Feb 16, 08:34 AM
    but yes the packaging and the labeling

    Just the labelling (, but the minimalist Nutella, clear Schweppes & Red Bull all look far more sophisticated IMHO.

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  • Jman14
    Jun 25, 01:24 PM
    how old is the machine

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  • jefhatfield
    Jul 7, 10:31 AM
    for my anniversary, i will post

    as for kainjow, he is a member with 50 posts in a sea of early subscribers with 0 posts...he is quite easy to spot and he even made a post as late as this spring

    he is around, but not that much

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  • raymanrox1
    Apr 7, 08:37 AM
    Okay. Maybe I am too daft to fully understand you.

    Can't you right click on the ODD icon in Windows Explorer?

    Are both Option keys not working? Have your tried another external USB keyboard? Even a Windows keyboard will work.
    And to be absolutely sure, and so I understand correctly, as this is new to me, you were able to eject any optical media inside the ODD by just pressing the OPTION key during the boot process into Windows (after you restarted the Mac and chose to boot Windows)?

    If you have successfully installed the Windows drivers from the Mac OS X DVD, then you can use the Boot Camp Utility in the Task Bar to restart into Mac OS X.

    What i meant is that I used to start with the option key and thereafter pressing the eject button.(When they show the different drivers)The option keys do work but they are locked.(Firmware password locked)Thats why I'm asking whether theres an alternative way to get the disk to eject apart from attempting to eject from Windows Explorer. If there is I might be able to prevent screwing up my mac incase I cant install the drivers.


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  • Themeparkforum
    Apr 1, 04:23 PM

    I Used To Play This Game For Hours On PC And On Playstation, I Think Its Great That They have Realeased It Onto A More Up-To-Date Console And Its Great With The Touch-Go Use, It Takes Full Advantage of The DS And Still Keeps The Game Going As The PC,Playsation Version.

    I Was Expecting The DS Version To Be Much More Difficult To Use, Seeing Theres Less Buttons And Small Screen But It Works Really Well For It!

    If You Dont Have It then I Recomend You Go Out And Buy It :)

    For Those That Love This Game Lots Like I Do I have Created A Special Forum For Fans :)

    Please Join If You Want!

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  • Patmian212
    Dec 3, 08:07 PM
    Come on people, no switchers who want to sell their old machine?


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  • MacRumorUser
    Nov 8, 10:37 AM
    I'm waiting to see if it's region free.

    I plan on buying one from Play-asia with Dance Central, Kinectimals, Joy Ride & Kinect Sports as Asian version is only �28 as opposed to �50 here. USA version's are region free - so I'm hopeful.

    Though i also bought Playstation Move = that's pretty much doing nothing with my Wii for company at the moment. :rolleyes:

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  • StarbucksSam
    Dec 5, 02:24 PM
    As I recall, they've always been commercial, or they were from early on, but they have gone all out - you're right. What a pity.


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  • kainjow
    Oct 16, 11:13 PM
    Wow that was cool. Great job hob! :D
    Agree. Well done.

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  • MisterMe
    Jun 16, 12:16 AM
    I suppose you could argue its piece-wise, ...Not if you knew what you were talking about, you couldn't. KingHuds does know what he is talking about. Read and be wise.


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  • iAlan
    Oct 17, 10:46 PM
    OK all you Tokyo-ites, how about a gathering at the Ginza Apple Store.

    If Leopard is to be released at 6.00 pm here I will definitely be there at 6.00!

    I'll be the Australian in a suit with a little MacRumors flag, kind of like the flags you see Japanese tour groups following around.

    I kid, don't want to embarrass myself too much. If there are others interested let's talk meet strategy!


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  • mbl42
    Dec 10, 07:07 PM
    I have a USB Zip one, how much are you willing to pay?


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  • Dane D.
    Aug 6, 12:12 AM
    I don't run it any more as it apparently rips hard drives and I couldn't be bothered setting up the RAM disk method. It also turns my G5 into a bit of a wind tunnel some times.

    BS. Where are you getting your info? The CPU does all the work, the HD only stores the info crunched to send back to SETI. I am coming up on my 1st yr anniversary and no problems. My main machine is the G3/300, 6 yrs old and still purring like the day it was new. Just make sure you have a good air flow through the box and everything will be fine. It is the peps that use PowerBooks that burn up your machine, probably because they don't raise it off the table to get air underneath it. I use 1/2" rubber feet and a small desk fan blowing across the unit to cool my PowerBook the fan hardly comes on. My temps never exceed 109�F in my G3.

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  • subl1me
    Feb 7, 12:09 PM
    oh and subl1me; its an amazing mouse, probably wouldnt use it for desktop PC/Mac use but for portables... yea... highly recommended.

    nice...thanks for feedback on that....can't wait 'til mine ships!!


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  • zap2
    Apr 1, 10:28 AM
    they get funnier every year....

    joking? Because in the PS3 joke thread, you said you think people shouldn't be allowed on web on April 1st

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  • mloffa
    Mar 8, 10:16 PM


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  • macsrcool1234
    Apr 15, 09:37 PM
    I want to buy off ebay because I have ebay bucks and would like to avoid paying 3x the price at Apple.

    Would this be the correct adapter to connect a VGA source?

    The seller says to use the picture to decide. From what I can tell, that is indeed a minidisplay port and not a mini-dvi. Can anybody confirm from the picture? Thanks!

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  • Ugg
    Dec 20, 03:44 PM
    I like it. Some privacy advocates don't like it, but I for one am more paranoid about giving out my SSN. If someone wants your print they could get it from the keyboard you type your password/pin in. You can't lose your finger print, or have it stolen (without knowing it's missing right away). These devices are already pretty good at ignoring 'fakes', and I've seen some that have hea sensors to make sure the 'finger' being read is warm enough to be a persons.

    Anyways, in my experience with them they are alright. I would like to have one at home that I could use for my passwords at websites and such. Have my password be a random series of characters and have the reader insert it only after verifying my finger. Would work nice. Same for the ATM... no mor lost cards or trying to keep the guy behind me from seeing my PIN...

    Did you ever see that James Bond movie where a guy offers 007 a drink and then takes it to analyze his fingerprints after he handled it? The fingerprints matched although later 007 peeled off the fake prints from his fingers. Whether this is feasible or not I don't know, but fingerprints alone seems like a pretty risky strategy. If it were a matter of fingerprints only I bet there will be a rash of missing fingers and it wouldn't be hard to heat them to body temperature....

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  • itsme92
    Apr 16, 12:16 AM
    If I am going to hook up my Xbox 360 with HD DVD drive up to a 1080p TV, which will look better: VGA or HDMI? The reason I am asking this is because I want to know whether to go for the Premium or the Elite, seeing as I don't like the black color of the Elite and don't think that I'll fill up the 20GB hard drive in the premium. Does VGA look just as good as HDMI? Because then I think I'm just going to go for the premium. Or are the rumors true, and will the Elite, once it sells a certain number, have its price cut and become white again?

    Nov 9, 11:26 AM
    Pages needs an urgent update 'cause when you are working with more than 29 pages, including hi resolution so damn slow!:mad:

    Pages is a page-layout ( app. Word is just a word processor (

    I really don't get what the confusion is about Pages vs Word. Of course Word is fast, but Pages is way more flexible. Period.

    Sep 25, 11:34 PM
    Looks like you're set on the nano.

    However, keep in mind that you're not actually getting 4GB. You actually get 3.7GB, so it might be shaving it a little close in your case. There's no way you're going to be able to expand your music library. However, larger capacity nanos will probably be out in a year-ish, so if you're not planning to buy any music until then or if you're willing to constantly swap music on and off, then things can probably work out.

    Get a case for it, for sure.

    Jan 14, 01:54 PM
    Anyone know why they don't do like streams anymore? Is it a technology issue, or just the way they prefer it?

    Mar 30, 07:48 AM
    3. It won't work for the second star because you modify path.

    path is reset at the top of the loop with the strcpy from a literal.

    With you on everything else though.


    Archon Gold
    Apr 26, 10:47 PM
    Can you link us to the ebay auction so we can see some pictures.etc?

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