Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ashley greene twilight

ashley greene twilight. #39;Twilight#39; star Ashley Greene
  • #39;Twilight#39; star Ashley Greene

  • iMikeT
    May 5, 01:15 AM
    I'm not necessarily waiting for Lion to come pre-installed, just waiting to see what Apple announces at WWDC.

    And I'm not waiting for it to actually be installed in the iMac itself. I prefer the drop-in DVD.

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  • Lionheart
    Oct 26, 11:40 PM
    Waiting in line for about 45 minutes...just because. Got my T-Shirt and my Family Pack.

    Oh happy day!

    ashley greene twilight. ashley greene twilight
  • ashley greene twilight

  • kainjow
    Jun 17, 11:22 PM
    Glad it's free this year. Good to learn about some new stuff coming out that hasn't yet been made public :)

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  • lbro
    Oct 25, 12:10 AM
    Looks really cool, especially the second picture.


    ashley greene twilight. Ashley Greene From Twilight
  • Ashley Greene From Twilight

  • ktbubster
    Jun 23, 06:03 PM
    replied - and added the top cases for 12inchers g3 and g4 (trackpad/powerbutton etc)

    I also have some speakers, and other random interior components and LOTS of frames.

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  • tablo13
    Feb 11, 09:20 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B118 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Thanks, he just used redsn0w and jailbroke his iPod successfully.


    ashley greene twilight. Ashley Greene in Twilight
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  • Hellhammer
    Mar 11, 11:20 AM
    Partitioned my internal HD. No way I would have beta as my only OS and externals are slow, especially since I only have USB ones. To be honest, I haven't booted into SL after installing Lion.

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  • dubels
    Dec 24, 11:45 PM


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  • r6girl
    Sep 26, 12:11 PM
    the shuffle can work as a usb thumb drive on mac and windows systems. in itunes, you need to designate how much space will be allocated for music, and how much for memory usage as a thumb drive (i.e., enable disk mode). i have a 1gb shuffle, and split it evenly to have 512mb for music and 512 for data. a windows machine may or may not need additional drivers to recognize the shuffle as a thumb drive, but other than that, you shouldn't encounter any issues. you can transfer any type of data you want - the only issue willl be whether or not the windows machine can open the mac documents. if the pages document is saved as a ".doc" item, the windows machine should have no problem. just make sure that the pc has the right software to open the mac document you want to transfer.

    here's some info straight from the apple support site:

    Can I transfer data to iPod shuffle from multiple computers when in disk mode?
    Yes. If you put iPod shuffle in disk mode, you can transfer data from multiple computers from the Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows). You can only load music from one computer, using iTunes.

    Can I use iPod shuffle with both a Macintosh and a Windows computer?
    Yes. When you place iPod shuffle in disk mode, you can use it to transfer data between multiple computers, running either operating system.

    go here for more info:

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  • wlh99
    Apr 18, 12:45 AM
    For me, the ideal would be to have both. I often reference documentation while coding, and having a searchable version on a second monitor is unmatched for efficiency. I couldn't imagine programming in Cocoa without it. But if I am reading a tutorial and following along, I have a very hard time doing that without a physical book.

    I have only a couple books (not programming books) that I have bought for the iPad, and find them absolutely impossible to read as well, so it might just be me. For me a physical book is mandatory in some instances. I can't for sure say why though, as the ebook seems better.


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  • Doctor Q
    Nov 16, 10:51 PM
    I wonder if the maker of Shazam was glad to be featured or sorry it wasn't their $5 Shazam Encore version.

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  • The Phazer
    Nov 30, 03:41 PM
    About time.

    Indeed. There wasn't even a good reason for this...



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  • jmufellow
    Sep 29, 01:52 AM
    What about the apple credit 160 days same-as-cash thing? If it is what it seems that would be all I need. Am I missing something here like absurd interest? gee I hate being naive.

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  • Solafaa
    Sep 24, 06:13 AM
    I am looking to buy "the best" monitor for my gamingmonster, price is not an issue. I dont want something like the apple 30" screen because it hurts my eyes. What is the best gaming monitor around which can be used to watch dvd's aswell?



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  • steadysignal
    May 6, 09:44 AM
    enjoy your vaca.

    i will be going on one soon too.

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  • KPOM
    May 4, 08:42 AM
    That article is very good but it's directed mostly to manufacturers and industry standard setters rather than end-users.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit tricky. After TRIM Enabler came out about a month ago I did a secure erase. Nonetheless, the other day I ran Stellar Mac Data Recovery to undelete a file and it found a LOT of old files (almost a GB worth) that I think pre-date the secure erase. I might try a more "scientific" test when I have more time.

    I plan to pass the MacBook Air down within the family when I get a new one, but I agree manufacturers need to get on the ball.


    ashley greene twilight. I also love Ashley Greene#39;s
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  • Unstupid
    Mar 11, 03:51 PM
    Maybe the line is somewhere else.... You should go check! :D

    ashley greene twilight. Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz
  • Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz

  • void
    Sep 25, 08:07 PM
    i know someone who just purchased a dual ghz box with 2 GB of ram. The extra .25 mhz isn't worth it becuase it is bottlenecked anyways by it's slow-assed system bus. The ram on the otherhand, is great for the after affects, FCP and photoshop work hes doing.

    ashley greene twilight. Lautner Ashley Greene
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  • vicious7
    Aug 19, 12:39 PM
    Geez, I missed this one. Niiiice. :)

    Dec 2, 10:14 AM
    The article said the house was 108 years old. It is probably protected by some historical society (or would become so once they applied for demolition). Then they would have to spend a lot more than $61,000 fighting those people in court.

    They are in the northeast, not the west coast, so I don't think 108 years qualifies as necessarily historic. This issue has nothing to do with historical preservation societies.

    The original owners should have disclosed this fact and should be sued. I don't care if there is a law on the book requiring the specific disclosure of whether the house was used as a drug lab -- the house is hazardous to their health and that alone seems like a material fact that should be disclosed during the buying process.

    Wouldn't a lawyer take this case for the good PR alone?

    Apr 25, 06:30 PM
    Yes, I'm going to make a moral judgement - if you've just bought a $1200+ computer surely you can afford the $60 to get the three iWork apps from the App Store. If it's tapped out your bank account, wait a few weeks and save up for it.

    You're pirating software. Don't.

    Sep 2, 06:09 PM
    If you have a couple of cases, why is this phone so scratched up in 2 weeks time? It looks like you put it in your pocket with keys and $3.00 in change?

    Jul 9, 10:13 PM


    ebay's had a rash of fakers and people who've hacked other people's accounts.

    i reported one to ebay because the guy had e-mailed me an offer from an account that i recognized. the next day ebay sent me a message saying that it was a fake like i thought. it's a big scam circle. don't get taken in.

    i wish ebay was working harder to weed these people out. they screw it up for the whole auction community.

    Sep 21, 05:57 AM

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