Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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  • Slix
    May 4, 09:54 PM
    That would be really awesome.

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  • ericinboston
    Apr 12, 12:57 PM
    Obviously companies build outside of the U.S. because it doesn't make financial sense to do so. U.S. labor is expensive in comparison to developing nations. Why is that so hard to understand?

    Whoever said that was hard to understand? Not me!

    This is a big problem (and has been for 30+ years)...that everything we buy in the USA is made somewhere else...USA no longer manufactures except for our junky USA cars. some point when this all started decades ago, it WAS cheaper to build certain things outside the US...but then everyone got on the bandwagon and now it's the norm. (Thanks politicians!)

    The "it's cheaper to build outside the US!" is a bogus argument and has become an evil of our own doing.

    If it costs X to build in the US, please don't tell me it costs 1/10th of X to build, import, pay taxes, blah blah blah, to get it back into your company's hands.

    We can all agree that some things, yes, are easier and/or cheaper to build outside the US for a variety of reasons. Our USA system needs some serious overhauls to get stuff to be built back in the US other than screws and toilet paper.

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  • asnozz
    Mar 11, 02:47 PM
    finally! I'm waiting to hand my money over for a mac pro, but this is good too. It'd be nice if Apple still saw the Mac as its primary business, but we can't all have what we want..

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  • BRLawyer
    Sep 6, 08:25 AM
    The nicest and most powerful desktop on the planet...where is my credit card? And it's not even 12 September YET!!!

    Is there any Winblows fanboy still out there to justify the purchase of a damn PC? I don't think so... :rolleyes:

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  • tigress666
    Apr 14, 09:20 AM
    My mom got her iphone last year. She loves it so much she's been totally into apple stuff (bought herself an ipod touch when it came out - don't ask me when she already has an iphone - and even bought me the new nano).

    She says she's probably going to buy a Mac next time (and she used to snub the mac when I was a kid).

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  • marsattacks
    Apr 17, 10:07 AM
    First in to Best Buy this morning - manager says the promotion is just a 'reservations' promotion - if you buy a $100 gift certificate they'll put you on the wait list and will call you in next 3-4 weeks when they expect to get stock. Don't bother. Is this not illegal - or just shady practice?

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  • mscriv
    Apr 7, 02:12 PM
    "Jesus the Son of God" derives his very legitimacy through the alleged fulfilling of Old Testament prophecies. For a Christian to "avoid reading the old testament" is surely to deny his paternity.

    Excellent point Skunk and I agree completely. Believers should make it priority to read and understand all of God's word, but unfortunately, like anything in life, sometimes we avoid what we find difficult , what we don't understand, or what we don't enjoy.

    The sad fact is that many people who profess to be followers of Jesus don't spend the amount of time in the Bible that they should. It's not just an old vs. new testament thing it's a reading and studying the Bible at all thing. I know I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know as we have discussed it before in other threads. Christians who don't understand or know their faith well sometimes do more harm than good by spreading misinformation. If they would actually deepen their relationship with God through consistent time in his word then they would be a better representation of the truth the scriptures lay out.

    However, I should point out that faith is a growing process. The goal is that people will mature in their faith over time as they grow in knowledge of and relationship with the Lord. I am not discouraged by new believers who are just starting out on in their walk with Christ. It's the long time believers who have neglected God's word or chosen to adhere to tradition over revealed truth that frustrate me.

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  • Maximillian
    Mar 28, 09:21 PM
    It's neither a math game nor marketing ploy.

    Apple is not artificially limiting the number of attendees. It's a facilities issue. They are at maximum capacity for this venue. It's not like they can simply print out 5000 more badges. The fire marshal would shut the place down.

    That's why local television coverage of professional sports have their blackouts lifted after a sellout. Not everyone who wants to watch can fit in the stadium/arena.

    Thank you for being cool, calm, and logical in your reply. I just had to give you a gold clap for replying the way you did instead of raging like a fanboy.

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  • meowtown
    Mar 29, 12:58 AM
    Has anyone else noticed all the shaped app icons? As far as I know, I don't think that's a feature right now... Maybe I'm wrong. But there are a lot of circles, and there's even a gear. Also they're 3D. I don't think that would mean anything, but I saw an idea once that the iPhone could know what angle you're looking at it, and make the screen look 3D accordingly... But the battery life is already not great, so I'm sure they wouldn't want to kill it with some pointless (maybe not pointless, for games) feature...?


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  • rdrr
    Sep 22, 01:54 PM
    This is not an empty threat. Wal-Mart pushes around vendors like this all the time. In the end Companies want to sell their product and unfortunately Wal-Mart is the largest brick and mortar distributers. For those of you who are saying "Ban Wal-Mart", ask yourselves how many "Community X keeps Wal-Mart out" success stories have you heard of? :(

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  • Harmush
    Oct 18, 10:34 AM
    Slight change again, still need to do something with my 10000000's of cables. :mad:

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  • Humber
    Mar 13, 06:08 PM
    Sick of this now I pretend I have a Mac :)

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  • chillywilly
    Nov 28, 06:16 PM
    In response to 63dot, it looks like there was a reproduction.

    Now, I wonder if part of the iTunes deal involves "Yesterday and Today" and if a digital version of the cover would be included?

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 16, 10:14 AM
    THe armour lock down now thats crap.
    Just like you said about the Jet Pack, the Armor Lock can be really great, but you have to use it correctly. If you are all by yourself, trying to use it in a 1v1 encounter, then no, you aren't using it correctly. Using it as a distraction while teammates flank people gawking at you, using its EMP effect to disable vehicles, or using it to survive heavy weapon fire? That is correct.

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  • steezy1337
    Oct 26, 01:38 PM
    cheers for the links, i know it sounds pretty fickle but i like the speakers with the black stands compared to the weird lilac colour they've got atm, makes me kind of want them :p

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  • Eidorian
    May 4, 10:04 PM
    3d - the two alphanumeric characters i hate the most.3DPD?

    Yes, I had to go there.

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  • JAT
    May 5, 10:15 AM
    well considering the CFO of verizon said the unlimited data plans were not a long term solution, yeah it's pretty feasible to think that they won't keep it around forever.

    So...are you on VZW? Do you actually have a care in this matter, or is it just another way to rant on others?

    AT&T still has people on $30 unlimited because they are grandfathered in. So will VZW, if they actually change the plans.

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  • QCassidy352
    Oct 15, 04:49 PM
    wireless capabilities is the way of the future. I don't see ourselves in 10 years still being limited by wired headphones and such. Maybe it'll be easier than the Zune (haven't seen the demo) but the idea of beaming a song for somebody else to download/hear is pretty cool to me.

    wireless headphones, sure. That's coming, and soon. But beaming songs to other people? No, I don't think it will ever be a very popular idea. I want to listen to my music, not the guy's next to me. That's why I own what I own and not something else. Besides, if I'm wearing headphones that probably means I'm not with anyone I know, and I'm certainly not going to be sharing music with strangers because it would just be weird.

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  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 27, 03:40 PM


    I wish I had this many sensor readings. All I get is the themperature in once CPU core. :-(
    Is there any kenel extention to install so I can get the hard drive temp (more important to me than the cpu) and the other stuff? Or the fan readings?

    I have a stock black Macbook with some more RAM (see sig). PLease PM me if you know something for getting all the sensor readings.

    Mar 2, 02:26 PM
    Thanks! I was waiting for the sunset over the city last night and the clouds screwed me. So I stuck around in the cold and took some night shots. Here's another from the same bench that I didn't like as much.

    No, agreed, the first one is much better. I like the emptiness contrasted with the big city sky. It gives it a nice, romantic and almost nostalgic feeling.

    Here's one from my latest concert shoot, Streetlight Manifesto. I had forgotten how much fun ska punk was! These guys were all over the place. I got lucky with this shot and timed it just when someone else released their flash from a P&S. (
    Streetlight Manifesto ( by sebascrub (, on Flickr
    D5000, 35mm, f/1.8, 1/60s, ISO3200

    Aug 9, 10:35 AM
    Time Machine seems more like the Shadow Copies on Server only on a local level rather than a network drive. (example attached)

    I'm assuming they will use a form of Single Instance Storage with TM, so you have one copy of the file and only the deltas from any changes to reduce space requirements.

    I use Shadow Copies on our network all the time, it is very handy. The concept and implementation of Time Machine is not original. Apple simply slapped Eye Candy on it and raved about how it is a revolution.

    Outside of my company's network, which has tons of server space, I don't know if I would want Time Machine to automatically make backups. Guess I am just old school and prefer to manually make backups. That way I am maximizing my personal hardrive space.

    Apr 17, 04:58 PM
    I don't know why you would expect them to not also sell its big brother, the hottest toy / gadget to be found? It's for kids, you know?

    I thought Toys R Us sold cheap plastic toys for kids. I'm obviously mistaken.

    Nov 3, 03:53 AM
    BBC News, New York Times, Le Monde, CNN, CBC, ABC News, Welt Online, El Pais, etc.... (and hundreds of others).

    Not to mention trying to book a couple of tickets to the movies�

    While I "get by" without Flash on my iPhone I would welcome it with open arms.

    Apr 11, 05:38 PM
    This is not exactly a tough decision...

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